Monday, July 20, 2009

BrewFarm Test Batch #2

You'd think with a name like Dave's BrewFarm, there'd be some brewing happening every now-n-then. Yesterday, test batch #2 went into the fermenter and is bubbling away like mad - happy yeast make for a happy brewer!
I'm often asked, ", whatcha gonna brew?" and especially out here in the middle-of-nowhere, anything other than light colored lagers are viewed with furrowed brow suspicion. ("You're not gonna brew any of that dark stuff, are ya?")
People who know me and my beer/brewing philosophy know I really don't do "style" - I approach brewing much like I cook - and it really doesn't fit into an easily defined style category. That makes for a challenge when I'm trying to explain the beers I'll be brewing. I like to refer to it as "amorphous brewing" or just brewing for the "Beer Experience."
What went into the soup pot yesterday? Here's the laundry list: Dingeman Pale and Special B malts, Weyermann rye malt, brown sugar, molasses, Centennial, Perle and Amarillo hops and Westmalle yeast.

You tell me what it's going to be?!?


Lanny said...

Good luck on the name thing. Jake's Baptism?

Anyway, good to see you blogging. Keep it up!


al said...

I'm guessing yummy, is what it's going to be.