Monday, July 20, 2009

When Cows Attack

Yesterday morning started out as most mornings on the BrewFarm do - dogs out for their morning rounds, deep inhalation of sweet country air and a gander at Jake (nickname for the wind generator) to see what the winds are doing.
As I walked up the driveway, I saw a strange dark spot further up the driveway: it was a huge spray of cow pie! My first thought was, "damn kids" but the hoof prints pointed to a more likely bunch (or shall I say, herd...) of suspects. Living where we do, cows on the loose is a fairly common occurrence. What set this apart was the stealth and sheer carpet bombing of cow pie spray this pack of bovines was able to accomplish without making a sound. We're talking Ninja Cows! As I walked around the building, evidence of this assault was everywhere. On the bright side, once dry, the poo will go into the compost bin for this fall's soil augmentation.
Thankfully the marauders didn't wreak havoc on/in the hopyard, as I've heard happened to another hop grower in Idaho - cows trampled fencing and tore through the hopyard, destroying their entire field.
Bullet dodged.

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Lutje said...

Hahaha! Wel, you certainly can say the BrewFarm is baptized now! Don't step in one, just drink it! Name for that batch? Cow pie stout? Just can't wait to taste it!