Friday, October 23, 2009

Doing the Can-Can

Yesterday was the inaugural canning run of "BrewFarm Select" at the Point Brewery in Stevens Point, WI. Approximately 1300 cases of 2x12-packs were canned (about 31200 cans...).
It was semi-surreal.
In that, after months of hard work (Thanks DB!), supreme frustration and loving support from my wife Pam, actual cans of actual beer went into actual 12-packs. I was giggling like a little boy.
A couple of firsts for the day: it was the first time I had seen the 12-pack cartons - stunning! Everyone who saw them was really impressed at the execution and how "different" (in a good way - which will be HUGE among the clutter of the beer aisle) they looked.
And the liquid within - it was love at first sip! I envisioned BFS as an easy-drinkin' beer that would appeal to beer geeks and non-geeks alike - broad appeal without being generic. I went down into the beer cellar with Ken Carlson, the brewing director at Point. He pulled off a sample and wow! was I more than pleased with what I tasted. Full-flavored and full of character, yet smooth, crisp and easy to drink. Here's BrewFarm Select spec’s: six-row and Briess Caramel 20 malts, Cluster and Perle hops (’bout 25-30 ibu’s), 5.5% abv. Comes across as a “hoppy pils” - medium- to full-bodied, lingering bitterness, hint of malt sweetness but finishes dry. Easily sessionable.
We look forward to sharing a pint or two with you in the near future!