Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Homage to Kodi

How does one pay tribute to the Kodi Experience?
After 17 years, three months and change, my best friend and constant canine companion was freed from the physical and started onto his next journey. Kodi came into my life in 1992, a little fur ball with those puppy pin teeth and more energy than one could imagine. But then again, what does one expect from a Border Collie puppy?

I know there are many people who Kodi touched and made quite an impression upon - he wasn't an "ordinary" dog by any stretch. A look into those devilish eyes spoke of depth and intelligence - you knew someone was home.
It is somewhat odd to think he was a part of my life for a third of my existence on this planet. Next to my family, it is the longest relationship I've ever had. And I really feel the word "relationship" here is key, as that implies much more than the usual "man/dog" scenario - aka "just a pet" - Kodi was so much more. He taught me many life lessons: the importance of play, running 'til my tongue drags, belly rubs daily, staring at something long enough will eventually cause something to happen, looking cute will score treats and avoid punishment, and so many others.
My biggest failing with Kodi was never following through on my promise to get him a herd of sheep. I do feel bad about that. He did find, on occasion, other things to wrangle, such as horses and small children. At his prime, he was faster than the wind - I still remember him chasing a deer running through the pasture and being *right on* the deer's hocks as I was screaming at him to stop. Good sport for him!

As a pup, it was imperative for him to be exercised until his tongue was dragging, which usually entailed at least a couple of hours of frisbee tossing. On those days when time or weather didn't allow, he would attempt to recreate some version of fetch inside - no easy feat. And if he didn't get his exercise, he would be bouncing around and off the ceiling. An un-exercised Border Collie is not a pretty sight.
There is a preternatural silence now that he's physically gone. Hard to explain but it's like a solemn quiet that's a blanket covering our living space. Never knew quiet could be so silent!
He fought age to the very end and left us peacefully, eased into eternal slumber. He's buried up on the hill next to the wind generator, overlooking our house and valley below. You know how Border Collies have to keep their eye on things...
I miss him deeply.


Lanny said...

Beautiful tribute to a very special being. Thanks for putting this out there, David.

Lutje said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute with us. Kodi will live on in our heart forever. He really was an exceptional friend. How could one ever forget him. All our sympathy is with you David. Take care.

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing, it touched me as I read it.