Monday, November 16, 2009

The Story of BrewFarm Select

Now that BrewFarm Select (aka BFS) is starting to make its way into the market, I thought I'd take a moment to "explain" BFS (no, not in the Harley-Davidson mantra of, "...if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand...") - it's become apparent that coming out with a full-flavored, all-malt craft-brewed golden lager in cans as a "premier" debut of all things BrewFarm was kind of a head-scratcher to many in the craft beer universe.

It's because I'm not targeting you.

The key word here is "targeting" - BFS was conceived and executed to appeal broadly without compromise or being generic. There's plenty of that out there already. But there's really not an easy-drinking, full-flavored lager beer you can bring to football parties or holiday gatherings where it will be accepted and enjoyed by both craft beer drinkers and non-geeks alike. I envision it as a staple in many refrigerators across the region. That go-to beer before or after those triple IPAs, Russian Imperial Stouts and other tastebud rearrangers. There's just not a lot of craft lagers out there that aren't "extreme" or watered down.

An interesting observation after a couple of tastings with people in the industry came from two different people who tried BFS and were professed non-beer drinkers: they were both quite effusive in their surprise at how good BFS tasted. High praise indeed. And I think that reaction and enjoyment will continue to play out as BFS gets out deeper into the marketplace.

Some early reviews:

Trust me, not everyone will embrace/enjoy BrewFarm Select - it's just not possible. I've heard comments like, "tastes like Bud/Miller/Coors..." to which I say, "Have you done a direct blind taste comparison, because if you did, you'd realize there's really not a lot in common other than they're all Pale American Lagers."

And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I've got some very interesting beers cooking in my "Labrewatory" and will begin to unleash them as they become ready. Our upcoming BrewFarm Pre-Solstice Preview Open House on December 13th (details to follow) will allow the public a peek into potential offerings and a chance to check out the Brewery. Stay tuned!


Evil XI said...

Chris Bedsted gave me some of your beer, WOW! Shoot me an email to talk about business opportunities in SE

Paul said...

Where in the Twin Cities is this available?!?! Tried some not long ago and loved it!

Paul Reyburn
St. Paul