Thursday, January 21, 2010

Matacabras - coming soon!

Having rolled the boulder up the proverbial hill for more times than I care to talk about, the next beer launch from the BrewFarm's LaBrewatory is on its way.
From the bottom of the six-pack:

In Spain, MATACABRAS is “the wind that kills goats.” In Wisconsin, it's the first in a series of wind-themed specialty beers from the BrewFarm.

In our part of the Upper Midwest there’s nothing like a brisk north wind to get your attention. So when we stumbled upon the name of this wicked Spanish breeze, we decided to brew up something that would likewise stop folks in their tracks.

We brew for flavor and for the overall “beer experience,” and our results are often curious and always distinctive. This unique new ale is no exception. Like its name, it is dark, mysterious, and difficult to translate into a familiar category. The deep hue and creamy body might suggest one style, but the floral aroma and Trappist-inspired flavors say another.

It is dark, yet not heavy; complex, yet balanced; strong, yet very smooth ... and unusually satisfying.

I dunno about you, but that kinda makes me thirsty...

Working with the crew at Sand Creek Brewery in Black River Falls, WI, Matacabras was crafted last week and is fermenting away nicely. Hoping to get "Mata" packaged in early February - but that all depends on the yeasties. They're in "control" of the process and timelines at the moment. We gave them an abundant amount and variety of sugars, a healthy dose of O2 to start and a balmy ferment temp to get the party started.

Farmer Dave hard-at-work on the grain-out of Matacabras. (Note the OSHA-approved Sponge Bob safety hat...)

We look forward to sharing a bottle or two of Matacabras with the growing legions of BrewFarm Friends (aka BFFs...).



  1. Just keep us informed as to when the party starts. Jeremy and I will make sure to bring some more cheese curds.

  2. This is great news. Happy to see you got a hot liquor tank, too. I've been enjoying the Brewfarm Select, but your beers I sampled at the Autumn Brew Review have me curious to try your other ones once again.

    Don Osborn
    St. Paul, MN

  3. I tried Matacabras at the Isthmus Beer & Cheese fest and I feel in love! Where can I get more?

    Madison, WI

  4. Hello Kelly:

    It's getting bottled next week and I hope to have distribution in Madison rolling by then as well - look for it in your "better beer" stores. And if you don't see it, ask for it! Squeaky wheel does pay off...

  5. Dave,

    Shoot me an email. We would love to have you & your beer at the Blues & Brews Fest in New Richmond on June 5th. We have a brew tasting from 4 to 7 p.m.

    You can reach me at


    Russ Korpela

  6. Ran into Corey and Angelo at BD NE just after Mr. Magerkurth left samples. Got me some.

    It's a wonderful beer, David. Really well done. Reminds me of a pleasantly funky uncle of Kwak. Do I detect a perfectly delicious molasses bite? Very well done, sir.

  7. Will it make it over to the Twin Cities?

  8. @Erik - it's in the Cities now and selling briskly. 2nd round will start filling in the gaps soon, probably this week.

  9. mmm, just tried my first last night. picked it up at the four firkins. a delicious beer. now i am curious to try more from your brewery.

  10. Just tried one of these... my first Dave's BrewFarm brew... very nice work! Picked it up at Casanova's... didn't realize that you are in the Twin Cities now. After tasting it I looked it up on ratebeer and was surprised to find it classified as "specialty grain" since it tasted like a Belgian strong ale to me. After looking at the description on the bottle more closely (rye) and reading your comments above (did not see the sixer bottom!) now I understand the problem with classifying this one!
    And mucho kudos to you for your renewable/sustainable business practices. I have the (perhaps naive) hope that by voting with our dollars and buying products from environmentally responsible enterprises such as yourselves that we can preclude the need for government arm-twisting in this area.

  11. need a list of places to buy the beers somewhere on the blog ....

  12. Holy wow, that is a fine beer! Found it at Woodmans on the east side of Madison. Nice complexity--sweetness is well balanced by rye and some great hopping. This will become a staple brew for me.

  13. Beth (originally from WI)November 22, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    Please Dave, where I can I purchase this brew in Minneapolis? Occasionally my local store, France 44, has it, but not consistently. My husband really likes this beer and whatever keeps him happy. Ya know?

  14. Beth: First, thanks for keeping your husband happy!
    Depending on what part of MPLS you're around, places like Zipp's, Surdyk's, Haskell's, South Lyndale, Cellar's, Four Firkins (SLP) Ale Jail (St. Paul), etc. - and if your favorite store doesn't carry it, make noise. Ask for it early, ask for it often!

  15. Drinking one as we speak, thank you. It's a very unique and satisfying ale. Looking forward to trying more!

  16. You were kind enough to leave a couple bottles with us at Driftwood when you were visiting our area before Christmas. I finally got the moment to take it all in- delightful! Bit of a belgian dubbel meets farmhouse- very well done!


  17. On tap at Republic, the old Sergeant Preston's, at Seven Corners in Minneapolis. Have it with the 5 spice ribs.