Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Annual BrewFarm Invitational Overnight Classic

You Are Invited. . . 
to join us for the 1st Annual BrewFarm Invitational 
Overnight Classic, a two-day extravaganza of biking, 
camping, eating, beer, family and fun. Riders leave from 
Hiawatha Cyclery and wend their way to Wilson. Families 
arrive by car. Everyone brings a potluck dish and 
BrewFarmer Dave will be providing a main dish for 
carnivores and vegetarians alike. Oh, and beer. 
Email Lanny at for more information 
or to reserve your space. 

What:  A road ride of approximately 70 miles from Minneapolis to The BrewFarm + Camping + Beer + Food 
When:  June 26-27, 2010 
Where: Starts at Hiawatha Cyclery 
Time:  Ride Leaves 8 AM
Other:  Cost with Beer: $20. Without $10. Camping is free, so are kids. Limited to 25 riders.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank Dave and Pam for being excellent hosts! The beer was tasty, the food excellent, the setting gorgeous despite the heat, humidity and impending thunderstorms. Thanks so much!

midway cyclist said...

Yes, thanks to Dave and Pam for the hospitality and a great time on the farm. Looking forward to doing this again next year!

mynorthwoodslife said...

Just had this beer for the first time tonight.... AMAZING! Great job!