Friday, July 30, 2010

Thistle this! And open hours...

The BrewFarm will be having open hours this SAT/SUN (7/31,8/1) from 3:00-7:00 each day. SAT has a good chance a group of Morris dancers making the scene around 4:30. Weather's looking stellar for some beer drinking fun.
We won't be open for the next three weekends due to the Great Taste (woo!) and private events. Hope ya'll can make it out!

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Dave Thorp said...

Dave, I was just reading the article on your wind brewed beer in the Eua Clair paper this morning. I too am named Dave and make wine out of my basement in Minnetonka. I also sell Polaris and Enertech Turbine on 160' towers. Wisconsin has a extra 25% grant program right now for turbine in addition to the Federal 30% stimulus grant. Ill send you a proposal. You can have up to 100kw in production. The Polaris 50kw will pwer the 15 homes around you. Your logo is great, do you have tee shirts to buy?