Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaf Peepers + Beer Drinkers = Open Tap Room this weekend

The colors are a-poppin' and the beers are a-flowin' = open Tap Room hours this weekend (9/25-26) from 3:00-7:00 each day. As we'll be pouring at the Autumn Brew Review in Minneapolis the following weekend (10/2), this weekend will be "it" for a spell. Lots of new beers on the draft menu - come on out and play!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, LOVE your beer, found it in Hudson at Chicone's Liquor, I'm hooked on the Matacabras and love the Lager, is it available anywhere in Eau Claire? Is the Tap Room event private or can a beer lover like me show up? Thanks, Dave T.

Farmer Dave said...

Hello Dave:

Thanks for the BrewFarm Luv! Select and Matacabras are both available at Just Local Foods and The Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire.
The Tap Room is open to the public (well, at least those who appreciate tasty beer!) - I've got eight BrewFarm-only drafts with a few "on-deck" should one or two run dry.
Hope you can make it out - cheers!

Dank brewer said...

Hey Dave,

I'd love to come check out your special tap selections.....but, you don't list what is on tap on this blog. Is that on purpose? I did see you have some Saison's going on...which is extremely exciting. I just can't make it out there right now. Darn. First born on the way...very, very soon. Just a suggestion...I'd love to see some kind of updated weekly list of your taps so I can live vicariously through your blog until I can make it to the Lab in person!


Farmer Dave said...


Thanks for the note - and as requested, this weekend's tap list. It does change rather frequently, as that's the nature of the LaBrewatory.
Best wishes on the wee on the way - hope you all can make it out here someday soon!


Anonymous said...

Dave, I posted above, I am very sorry I wasn't able to get over to the Brew Farm weekend as I was hoping. When do you expect to have another event since I am excited to see and taste. :-) Dave T.

Farmer Dave said...

Dave T.

We're shooting for the next open to be OCT 9/10 from 3-7:00 each day. Check back for confirmation. Hope you can make it!