Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LaBrewatory Open Hours 12/11-12

Yuppers, we're gonna throw open the LaBrewatory this weekend 12/11-12 from 3:00-7:00 each day. Gonna be the the last open of the month (crazy busy the following weekends). Weather's looking fair to partly snowy with a chance (a really good chance, at that...) of really tasty beers. Hope you can make it out and say Hi to some of our woodland friends!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys and gals, read about you in the twin cities mag. Found you on the net.

I plan on bringing a big group of Harley riders your way in the Spring. Hope you have a place outside to sip some suds, and light up a cigar or two. I'm really excited for you, as my son has been brewing his own brews in Cheyenne Wy. for years.

Really looking forward to the visit.

Anonymous said...

Yo yo harley dude! we b rite they're 2 wich la shicken n wattamelloh. cash yo then beeeotch!