Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beer at the End of the 'Bow - Open Tap Room Weekend 6/25-26

Wooo, it's open Tap Room this weekend! If you're coming out SAT 6/25, later in the afternoon we'll have a large group of Morris Dancers stopping by to dance and enjoy some general merriment. Early weather report looks to be peachy. And given the potential crowd, you may want to bring your own chairs like "P&G" did (as in Paul Wakeen and Greg Tellijohn - we've got Norms!!!)


Kara said...

Looks like SOO much fun! Will you have open Tap Room hours all summer? I would love to plan a time to come!

Farmer Dave said...

Ya know, it is! It's evolved into this really cool beer-lovin' community. We try and hold open hours about every other weekend, though with fests and life in general, it's not a hard/fast "rule." I try and post open hours the week of - the next open weekend will be JULY 9-10. Hope you can make it out sometime soon!