Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So Long September!

 It's open Tap Room weekend! We'll be open this SAT/SUN (24&25th) from 3-7:00 each day. Appears it's gonna be a most excellent weekend of beer drinking weather, so bring snacks, a picnic or your grill for a complete good time. Bound to be some new and tasty LaBrewatory creations on tap - see ya!


eryn said...

Might be bringing a car or two from the Cities. Haven't been out there since spring, and we had a great time. Any hints about what'll be on tap this weekend?

Farmer Dave said...

Since Spring?!?
I can assure you that of the eight drafts on, most will be new to you. "CarrotFest", "Saison Farm Fresh" "Un-named" - to name a few...
See you and your crew(s) soonly!