Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some BrewFarm PSAs if you're coming out...

* The bridge is still out on Hwy 128 - follow this easy detour. You'll come to the stop sign on Hwy's 128 & 12, take a right (east), go one mile to Wilson (first left / north), cross the train tracks (look both ways!) and continue straight (north) for 1.5 miles (the major road Cty W goes to the right but don't go to the right - straight ahead! And mind the dip in the road. No, not me...) and we're on the right (you know, the one with the wind generator).

** Park on the BrewFarm lot around the perimeter until it's full and then it's best to park on 80th Ave. (east/west road) as parking on Wilson St. is potentially hazardous due to limited sightlines.

*** We're cash-only.

**** The colors are starting to pop, though still a couple weeks from peak.

***** See ya soon!

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