Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday (10/23) ONLY Tap Room Hours

The LaBrewatory will be open this Sunday 10/23 from 3-7 (we have a private event on SAT). Come on out and enjoy some tasty treats from the draft tower.


Anonymous said...

Dave, Hi this is Dave, I have been to the Brew Farm several times now and I have enjoyed every aspect of the adventures I've had - the drive there is beautiful through the WI countryside, the view from the bar looking out over your property is sublime, and your always changing selection of such lovingly and thoughtfully made beers is beyond high praise and description. What you do for folks like me who love fine beer is something that I appreciate more than my smiles and enjoyment could ever express. Thanks so much for doing what you do and sharing with everyone!

Brian said...

Hello Dave,
I came across a few of your beers on tap in Minneapolis and have enjoyed them thoroughly. I'll be driving through your neck of the woods this weekend with a few friends and was wondering if the tap room might be open on Sunday? I'd love to see what you've got on tap there. –Cheers

SplendidMonkey said...

Hi Dave,
We're also interested in the 29th/30th weekend!

Farmer Dave said...

Thanks for the kind words Dave! It's always nice to hear that one's labors are appreciated.
Sorry to say, Brian and SplendidMonkey, we will not be open this weekend (10/29-30) but will be the following weekend of NOV 5-6 from 3-7 each day.

Andrew Karre said...

I've heard many great things about the Brew Farm. Do you do tours of the brewery for visitors to the LaBrewatory? Thanks much,

Farmer Dave said...


"Tour" may be a bit of an overstatement, as it's a small operation. I do the "show-n-drink-beer" version of the brewery for those that are interested. Come on out!