Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Prey" for good weather - open Tap Room weekend

Join the BrewFarmers and their fine feathered friends this weekend for another LaBrewatory open Tap Room. We'll be open DEC 3 & 4 from 3-7:00 each day and have at least eight unique beers on draft. Perhaps our "death from above" predators will be around for you to enjoy - they're quite the sight. Per usual, bring snacks, your grill/grillables and whatnot to make the most of your trip to the BrewFarm.


Ray Kondrasuk said...


I'm sipping my first can of your Farmbrew Select Golden Lager as I write. Nice!

I'll definitely enter it into my rotation among Hayward's Angry Minnow River Pig and the growlers from the Lazy Monk here in Eau Claire.

Good work... it'll be accompanying our Papa Murphy's pizza Sunday as the Packers wop the Giants.

Ray Kondrasuk

Ray Kondrasuk said...

...oh, and I got it at Just Local Foods here in Eau Claire where they hve River Fall's Rush River brew, too.


Ray Kondrasuk said...

Gosh, that 5.5% does have mellowing qualities! I'm just 2/3 through the first can from the twelve-pack, and already my wife is much more compatible!

Farmer Dave said...

Glad you enjoyed my beers - thanks for the support!