Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Next open and potential additional DEC open dates

For all you planners, the next open Tap Room 
weekend is DEC 17 & 18, 3-7 pm. 

With the holidays coming up, we're "trial balloning" some additional open dates: FRI (yes, Friday!) DEC 23, DEC 24, DEC 31, JAN 1 2012. The usual hours of 3-7:00 for those dates as well. 
Also, I'd be "open" to liter takeaway sales by appointment. 

Let the feedback begin!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I love the schedule including BrewFarmFriday! I can't get enough of your beer and the extra tap room dates will make winter go right by! Tis the season so I will see you soon for some being jolly! Dave

Ray Kondrasuk said...

Dave, have you seen the NetFlix film "How Beer Saved The World?"

I just finished watching it... started with a glass of chardonnay, then had to finish appropriately... with a glass of you 5.5%.

I feel reborn... or at least, rebrewed.

Ray - Eau Claire

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in coming by with my fiance this Saturday or next Saturday afternoon. Do you have any Saturday open hours? You can email me at mandy@envisionartstudio.com


Jeffrey Maas said...

Consider this an expression of interest in joining you on Dec. 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Friday the 23rd would be great for us!

Anonymous said...

Please, yes, Friday the 23rd. Perfect way to start my holiday vacation!!!