Monday, January 2, 2012

JAN Open Tap Room Hours

Upcoming Tap Room open hours for JAN: Saturday the 7th we'll be open 2-6 (note the time shift, for this day only) and the 8th from 3-7. Also,  JAN 14 & 15th from 3-7. The next opens will not be until FEB 11 & 12 (Bring your sweetie for some tasty pre-V-day beers!)

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Al said...

It's February! (imagine a sing song lilt to the voice that puts across a bit of "Helllllloooo, are you theeerrrre?)

Also, because beer is beer and I'm always looking for Dave to brew more different, "The Italian brewery Birra Del Borgo brews a beer, Genziana, with gentian as an adjunct." Gentian is the primary ingredient in bitters and is a pretty little flower type plant.

See y'all at the next one.